Sunday, March 21, 2010

And the beautiful Sabbath meal was

hot dogs with buns, vegetarian chili, cheese, pickles, salad.
no placemats, no china.

Sometimes being together is beautiful enough.

yay lucky me!

I won a handful of consulting hours from Karman Ng of Cantilever Design at the school fundraising auction.

Which is good, because I love, love, love my house, but I am stuck, stuck, stuck, about how to bring it up to speed.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Beautiful Sabbath Meal

I used to be such a great mother.  I made hot breakfast every school morning, often whole-pancakes.  And, the meal included getting a serving a fruit into each child before they left the house.

Then, the advent of the second teenager.  I was told by all parties I was not leaving enough room for her independence.  So, now that teen, and all the others, serve themselves cold cereal, no fruit, and I stay out of it.

And now making a hot breakfast seems like unwanted extra work on a school morning.  Because it doesn't have the benefit of routine.

For 2010, we're on the afternoon church schedule.  The last time we were on it, I for the most part stopped making lovely sabbath meals.  So, my once-a-week china has been living in the cupboard for a long time.

The children don't even remember Sunday meals anymore.

So, Saturday I actually made preparations.  I thought of a meal that would please everyone (spaghetti with meat on the side, salad, rolls, grapes.)  Warned RoutineGirl that something different would happen and got her preapproval on the food.  Bought the food.

But, Forgot to either clean up the Saturday night kitchen, or make a kid do it.

So, where I needed to have the meal on the table at 11, I was instead trying to clean up the ubermess the kids made while I was out Saturday night.  And, KoolAidGirl wouldn't clean up her mess unless I left the kitchen, because she's "claustrophobic."  So the kitchen wasn't usable until nearly noon, and dinner didn't get on the table until 12:15.  When RoutineGirl said she couldn't stay to eat with us, because she would be walking to church with her friend.

But at least RoutineGirl noticed how pretty the table was and seemed to have some regret.  She said she's come back after church and eat grapes and salad.

So, we shoveled down our food, frantically changed into church clothes (which couldn't be worn near spaghetti sauce,) I had to take some time to box up and refrigerate the perishable leftovers.

We got to church ten minutes late.

And saw it was Fast Sunday.

y'know, it's okay.  i'm that much closer to having it work next time.

Progressive Lens

I have my new prescription but I haven't filled it yet.  My optician said the new glasses need to be at least 27 mm high, and my current glasses, which I love, are only 23mm.

He helped me pick out a flattering and inoffensive new frame.  And I didn't order them.  So boring.  So old.  Needing the modern equivalent of bifocals has me feeling SO OLD.  and not in a good way.

I think I'm going to be disloyal and try a different optician today.