Friday, April 30, 2010

Love an Underdog.

Last picked in the NFL draft. Went to the Detroit Lions--not the winningest team. Small guy for football. White guy with dreadlocks.

This may be the hook by which I take an interest in Football.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Meet Natasha.

I think I love her blog.

Also, her advocacy for gratitude has me wanting to start adding gratitude lists to the end of each post.

1. Found Kama Sutra Dark Drinking Chocolate in the cupboard, which my husband bought in New York. Made myself a lovely cup. Isn't it lovely to consume something I didn't buy and arrange for myself for a change?

2. Encouraging progress made on PTA paperwork, after weeks of stuckness.

3. Grateful for a friends' remark, that though younger children are hard work, they also are rewarding in the way they love and appreciate Mom--so start considering it normal that mothering a teenager may lack that warm fuzzy feedback and even feel draining.

4. My kids love each other. My neighbor even remarked on it today.

5. I love the color gray. So calming. Thank you God for gray.

Bike More

I'm lurking here, gathering advice, finding new places to ride.

I tried to post twice tonight--spent so long writing each time that my login timed out.  Ouch.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Containment. Excellent SF Reading

by Christian Cantrell.

Most fun science fiction reading in two years.  Or more.  All the fun techie stuff, paranoid stuff, near-future predictions, space colony stuff.  And, iirc, no words or scenes to offend Mormons, which I didn't even notice until I wanted to tell everyone about it and realized I could.

Only costs $1 as ebook, or free in HTML.  Don't be fooled by the cheap price.

I hope his day job will leave enough time to write more novels.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bunny Slippers

You laugh, but I've been looking for large bunny slippers for almost three years now.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

It's spring, and a thoughts turn to love. Outdoor Furniture love.

with delivery, $2600. Whew.

I wonder if it is at all comfortable to sit on however.

That's the one thing about mall retailers like Pottery Barn.  They've prescreened for such concerns.

What I like about this set: the arms are not too thick.  Get a lot of seating for the footprint.  Modern square look good for my house.  Sofa is not a sectional, therefore it won't separate when we all sit on it, or when I'm napping on it with a novel.

It may say "2009," but before I saw this kind of thing last year (and saw it everywhere) I don't think I'd ever seen any patio furniture I wanted.  The year before I saw this kind of thing in front of our hotel in Berlin.