Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Meet Natasha.

I think I love her blog.

Also, her advocacy for gratitude has me wanting to start adding gratitude lists to the end of each post.

1. Found Kama Sutra Dark Drinking Chocolate in the cupboard, which my husband bought in New York. Made myself a lovely cup. Isn't it lovely to consume something I didn't buy and arrange for myself for a change?

2. Encouraging progress made on PTA paperwork, after weeks of stuckness.

3. Grateful for a friends' remark, that though younger children are hard work, they also are rewarding in the way they love and appreciate Mom--so start considering it normal that mothering a teenager may lack that warm fuzzy feedback and even feel draining.

4. My kids love each other. My neighbor even remarked on it today.

5. I love the color gray. So calming. Thank you God for gray.

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