Tuesday, April 21, 2009

yay washing machine!

I didn't really look at the washing machine that came with the house until today. That means I didn't much look at it during the open house visit, or when we bid on the house, or during the house introduction tour, or during the three-day move. Today is the first day I looked at the machine, tried to find a manual online, and found out this unremarkable-looking 1999/2000 Kenmore, model 40052, has a much larger capacity than I realized. It's actually a high efficiency front loader, and it's washing a bigger load than any of my last three washing machines did.

In other words, no need to buy a new washing machine at all.

The model has some good reviews out on the web. I got a manual at Sear's my house site. Given the fact that the people who lived here before were way smarter than me at all things engineering, I'm relieved to rely on their wiser appliance choice.

My first load is in the dryer now. Can't wait. The washing machine has charmed me. I think I'm falling in love.

Monday, April 13, 2009

_To Kill a Mockingbird_ should be in audio. Or etext.

My bookclub is reading To Kill a Mockingbird later this month. Believe it or not, I've never read it before, and never seen the movie. I've always preferred to read about the more distant past, or the fictional future.

It would be very CONVENIENT if I could read it on my Stanza iPhone. Or listen to it as an audio book. But, Nooooo, the holders of the copyright have apparently not let either of those happen. Because, the book is not available in those formats.

I've got a nice bound edition from the library. Had it two weeks. Haven't cracked it open. Meanwhile, I've read three novels on my iPhone and listened to one novel and part of the old Hitchiker's Guide radio show as audiobook.

People, if you want us to learn the lessons of this classic, make it easy.