Thursday, December 13, 2012

DevOps Borat

One of the presenters at the Eclipse Conference pulled up DevOps Borat in several of his slides.

They were wicked funny. 

Looking at the twitter feed, I don't get all the jokes with out the context the presentation provided.  I think DevOps Borat will be my nutty professor on industry culture.

Developers, Designers, Project Managers

Yes, like the "how others see my job" matrices.

Click to enlarge.
Originally from:hteumeuleu (french)

Child Theming

My first brand-new wordpress project in a couple years, as opposed to ongoing projects or conversion projects.   I'm excited to be using child theming. It makes sense.

Once again, the codex is clear and well-written and helpful. Wordpress Codex page on Child Themes.

I'm going to be reading this, see if there are any tricks I missed.