Thursday, December 24, 2009

Maybe not this year

Did you know you can put spicy peanut sauce in a fondue pot? And dip into it broccoli, and potatoes and bread and all things that taste yummy with spicy peanut sauce?

Wouldn't that make a great lunch Christmas day for the family, casual and fun and festive?

Not if we're all just over the stomach flu. Or still have it if my husband finally succumbs tomorrow.


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Housework Chiasmus

So, cleaning up the kitchen resulted in a pile of dirty rags.

---But when I got to the washing machine, it was full of clean clothes that needed to move into the dryer. Where's a basket so I can do that?

--------The baskets are in various bedrooms, full of clean laundry ready to be put away. The easiest, I figure, are the two baskets in my own room. I'll just dump them out on the bed, so I can see what's there and put them away.

------------But, I haven't done my Saturday sheets change yet, so I'll do that first.

------------Except that, I can't find my set of clean sheets.

--------So, I strip the bed and put the clean clothes on the mattress.

----Then I use the empty basket to move the laundry (ah, there's the other set of sheets) and start the dryer.

Then I put the rags into the washing machine and start them.

----------------Type it up for the blog
--------I'm putting away the clean clothes now.
----In 30 minutes when the dryer finishes I'll make the bed
And the dishwasher will be done, so I can finish the kitchen.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Mommy the House Elf

My son has been reading the Percy Jackson series nonstop, and taking the books with us everywhere. But he chooses the oddest bookmarks. The other day he was marking his place with a black sock as we all drove somewhere in the car.

"Hey," I said to him. "give me that book, will ya?"

He closes it on the sock, and hands it over.

"Master has given Mommy a SOCK! Mommy is FREEEEEE! I can flee the family and serve them no more"

My husband says, "oh, no you don't!"

Mom Tricks

Son, to Daughter: Hey look, I taught Mom a trick!

Mom (me) wondering where the heck this is going.

Son, to Mom: Mom, Here Mom! Blink! Blink Girl!

Mom blinks as usual.

Son, to Mom: Good Mom! Good Mom! Here, have some salad!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I love Carlos Rota

He was in an episode of White Collar as a bad guy. But I was happy to see him anyhow, since he's so great in Little Mosque on the Prairie (as Rayyan's father, the contractor). Even my husband remarked on how great his voice is.

Now, if someone would just cast him as a good guy, but in a role with more heft than his character in Little Mosque on the Prairie.