Saturday, December 12, 2009

Housework Chiasmus

So, cleaning up the kitchen resulted in a pile of dirty rags.

---But when I got to the washing machine, it was full of clean clothes that needed to move into the dryer. Where's a basket so I can do that?

--------The baskets are in various bedrooms, full of clean laundry ready to be put away. The easiest, I figure, are the two baskets in my own room. I'll just dump them out on the bed, so I can see what's there and put them away.

------------But, I haven't done my Saturday sheets change yet, so I'll do that first.

------------Except that, I can't find my set of clean sheets.

--------So, I strip the bed and put the clean clothes on the mattress.

----Then I use the empty basket to move the laundry (ah, there's the other set of sheets) and start the dryer.

Then I put the rags into the washing machine and start them.

----------------Type it up for the blog
--------I'm putting away the clean clothes now.
----In 30 minutes when the dryer finishes I'll make the bed
And the dishwasher will be done, so I can finish the kitchen.

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