Friday, November 6, 2009

Greg West, recant your evil advice!

This guy, Greg West, is preaching false doctrine and should be excommunicated. Please, will someone call his Stake President?

Telling women to divorce their husbands if their husbands stop being religious!

Shame on you, Greg West. You're the apostate.

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  1. Hello. I would invite you to re-read the whole article. You missed the entire point. You may also want to read the follow-up article.

    Nowhere in the article is there any suggestion that women should divorce their husbands if they stop being religious, become disinterested, or even inactive.

    The article focuses on specific situations in which LDS husbands fall away, turn against the Church, and seek to undermine the faith of their wives and children.

    There is a difference from loss of faith and rebellion against it. There is a difference between tolerantly allowing a wife and children to practice their religion unmolested and seeking to destroy their religion.

    In the article, I specifically refer to one man, Atilano Alexander, who was conspiring and plotting with strangers to undermine and destroy his wife's faith in Mormonism. That's reprehensible.

    I suggest that your comments above demonstrate that you read my blog with no more than shallow attentiveness and reacted emotionally. You certainly did not understand it.

    The follow-up article which I linked above contains several supportive citations of my premise from general authorities of the Church, including a recent talk by Elder Oaks on the subject of divorce.

    If you read for understanding and check my points against the teachings of general authorities, you'll find that my premise is well-substantiated.


    Greg West