Sunday, November 21, 2010

Another backsplash idea: glass tile with subtle irridescent color

I'm a reader of Susan Serra's Kitchen Designer blog (see sidebar)  I enjoyed Susan Serra's post on this East Hampton kitchen.  Her comments on ventilation cracked me up--I'm a ventilation girl myself, but if you're going to do it inadequately, ventilating with an old-style wall fan would still get my vote.  Lovely in general--who can argue with those matched-grain flat-front cabinets, but more to the point for me, a good example of the kind of beachy glassy tile I admired in the store.

Just not sure it will look good in my purposely "artificial ingredients" easy-care modern kitchen: laminate cupboards, nickel trim handles, soon-to-be-installed white nougat caesarstone counters.

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