Sunday, February 8, 2009

(another) new regime in Family Home Evening

I'm inspired to get Family Home Evening back on tract by, of all things, the South Park mormons episode. Why can't we be like Gary's family, greeting each other at the door, playing board games, and entertaining each other with a trumpet?

The thing is, there's just one of me, and my ability to dictate terms decreases every year. The lovely FHE assignment board hangs unnoticed behind the computers. So here's the new plan.

The Family Home Evening Host.

Each week on a revolving and predictable schedule, one person in the family will be the Family Home Evening host. They get up to two hours on Sunday (or 90 minutes if pushed off until Monday) to dictate terms of the activity.

This means we will all be forced to play Heroscape next month with the child born too late for D&D. But hey, what could make him happier?

How better to prepare my children for dating?

How easier to duck or de-emphasize the lesson?

How better to reduce our consumption of dessert than to schedule that on Monday?

Tomorrow we're playing Monopoly. We'll have a short review of tithing first, mostly filling out envelopes and putting money inside. Since no one's paid on their allowance in 2009 yet. And then next week someone beside me can be in charge.

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