Thursday, August 20, 2009

Places that sell hip pricey patio sofas

pottery barn
crate and barrel
cb2 only comes in impossible white
restoration hardware, antigua and del mar

who else am I forgetting?


  1. world market sells patio furniture...and it's not so pricey. So does 'west Elm' (my personal favorite). I wonder if 'ZGallerie' does also? All of those stores are online.

  2. Reluctant, it cheers me immensely to have you stop by and talk shopping with me.

    I probably need to go at least a little pricey, since I'm really wanting outdoor furniture, a real sofa, not something that will only last a couple seasons.

    West Elm is lovely. If they were selling outdoor sofas earlier in the season, they're off the website now.

    I love World Market and Z Gallerie, like IKEA they're great, but the pieces that would get high use are not always the pieces made to stand up to high use.

  3. ah yes, I looked at West Elm too. No dice. The problem on quality is....all of the trendy stores' quality is not that great. Unless you get something that is solid wood from a carpenter (or an antique store), it's all pretty much the same. ZGallerie (in my experience) is no better or worse than PB or C and B. I'd love to be wrong here though if you have more info.

    An outdoor couch...

    found this: The design is cool, no idea on quality, and you pay for it. hmmm...

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  5. uh, the modern sofas at are scary-banal.