Sunday, September 6, 2009

My fav David Bromstad rooms

Expect me to add to this list as I work through my DVR.

Dining Room. "Dramatic Dining Room" HCLRS-403 I was kind of horrified when he showed how he would paint the room (coral walls, I'm with you; but black ceiling?? You want to paint your mahogany sideboard turquoise blue??!!! Glass mantelpiece on a brick fireplace??!!) and I didn't like pieces before he put in the room. But all together it was amazing, and proves there is a legitimate use for clear chairs, and those chandeliers that look like a line of lightbulbs and broken glass hanging from them. The picture on the episode page doesn't do it justice. And I LOVED that flowered carpet once in place, who would have guessed? My favorite room ever.

Living Room/Dining Room. Contemporary Combo Room, Episode HCLRS-603He took inspiration from the homeowner's cylinder chandelier. He added a large oval black dining table and painted the t.v. equipment box black to match and put it up on legs. This show has another woven coffee table--which might be a good idea for us since I don't want glass and I don't like having a visual block in the middle of the room. I especially love the big bronze tiles on the fireplace. But once again, it's just how the whole thing is so much more than the sum of the parts.

Bedroom. Season 6 "Traditional, Eclectic, Master Bedroom" HCLRS-605 Not my color (I hate blue), not my materials (no ironwork headboards for me, thank you) but look how it all goes together. I've got a modern house with a big sleigh bed, I think I want that nonmodern chandelier from Z Gallerie.


  1. I love the light fixture in the Dramatic Dining Room
    Episode HCLRS-403
    Trying to find out where to get one.

  2. I think it might be the Linear Strand Chandelier from Z Gallerie. Bromstead used a lot of ZGallerie chandeliers that season.