Saturday, September 19, 2009

Roman Shades

I put new, larger windows in my kids' rooms. We've got sheet tacked over them for privacy.

I couldn't think of what to do for window treatments that would be modern, and appropriate in a child's bedroom.

I actually paid Jennifer the amazing decorator to come over, to give me some ideas of what we could do.

This time she didn't have anything amazing that I hadn't thought of before. Well, she had some things I hadn't thought of, but I didn't go for them.

So, I think we're going with roman shades in a neutral color, no pattern.

Just now I started looking for made-to-measure roman shades on the internet. duh, why didn't I think of that before?

Is going to cost $100 to $300 a window, depending on fabric. There's a sale going right now. All the fabric choices are polyester. Not sure that is a problem, actually.

The Shade Store
Is going to cost me $850 per window.
They do have cotton, linen, silk, etc.
Candice Olsen said linen could break down in the sun, I think.

quick quote $475 per window, cotton canvas
100% hemp, or bamboo or silk or linen, $609 per window

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