Monday, September 13, 2010


Since the kids started school, I've been diligently cooking dinners.  So here I go back to listing my dinners for the week.

remembering week of August 30th
Monday: American Dover Sole, breaded with panko and pan fried (first time).  Can't remember what we had with it.
Tuesday: homemade shortcut empanadas (first time): using Pillsbury Grands for dough, rolling each roll to a flat 4" circle, then stuffed with seasoned chicken and/or yams.
Wednesday: Sloppy Joes
Thursday: Taquitos.
Friday: first ever ratatoille.  Jane Brody recipe, using my weekly coop veges.
Saturday: chili dogs with vegetarian chili and cheese.  Vegetarians skip the dog.  Whiny children skip the chili.

remembering Week of September 6th
Monday: BBQ Ribs (premade, warm in oven).  Cornbread.  Broccoli.  The vegetarian is happy with cornbread, milk, and vegetable.
Tuesday: I picked up a prepared chicken alfredo pasta at the store, warmed it up, and the two youngest children ate it ALL.  The rest of us made do with leftovers and self-serve.
Wednesday: Variety of Sandwiches from Deli.
Thursday: Ratatoille.  Chili-Lime Chicken
Friday: Roman History/Latin party: two deli roast chickens, figs, grapes, Italian flat bread, grape juice, sparkling cider, ice water.  Also, because it's a party: pepperoni pizza, cashews, and chex mix.  Notice these are all ready-to-eat foods.  Store-bought Pie for dessert.
Saturday: Big lunch with friends over: Taco Salad.  Watermelon.  Pies and cakes for dessert.

Week of September 13th

  • Homemade Spaetzle, 
  • broccoli, 
  • sauteed mushrooms (rather than mushroom gravy), 
  • leftover roast chicken from Thursday and Friday, warmed in a pan, like a hash without other ingredients.

to be updated.  I get my produce box mid-week, but I went to the store to get some milk and meat and snacks.  I've been buying some chicken and hamburger each week, not knowing what vegetables were coming.  Today I followed an impulse and got turkey burger, lamb shoulder chops, and thin boneless pork chops.


  • Thin Pork Chops cooked in a pan (a first)  I put a little margarine in the pan, and seasoned them with paprika and Lawry's Season Salt.  
  • "Asian" bagged salad, to which I added my last cucumber and leftover butter lettuce.
  • Applesauce
  • Sliced Italian Bread, leftover from the Roman Party
  • Milk, since I went to the store yesterday.
  • But no Spaetzle.  There was a spaetzle rebellion.  My how the favorite foods have fallen.
I ended up having to make dinner superfast, since I got home more than 30 minutes late.  The pork chops cooked in about 7 minutes, to my delight and astonishment, reaching an internal temp of 135 F.  Because of that, we were all able to sit down and eat before my husband and daughter had to leave to get her to her workshop.


  • Pizza dinner at the middle school


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