Saturday, December 18, 2010


First: the context.  A modern italian kitchen.
Project: add a backsplash where there is now drywall.  I'm thinking tile. (I've previously considered stainless steel and back-painted glass.

I think I'm down to two leading candidates.

A smokey brown glass tile in a "waterfall" layout (don't know if that's a real tile layout name, or the manufacturer's, Maniscalco).  Tile backsplashes are very on trend right now.  The dark neutral I want to do wouldn't be a universal appeal, but I think it would work really well in the context between a cream countertop and cream laminate cabinet doors.  I like that it's a very finished, tailored, not-rustic look for my modern kitchen.  But, will it play well with my neo-retro caeserstone countertops?

Caeserstone Nougat countertop.  Love it.  That's a quarter on the counter for size reference.

A matte 2x2 tiles with lines on it, which has almost a fabric sort of look.  This mosaic lays them cross grain to each other, to give the effect of a weave.  I certainly haven't seen this in a shelter magazine, though I have seen linen-look tiles as flooring.   I really like this, but once again I'm not sure it will play with my neo-retro caeserstone counter.

Edited to add: Tonight these are looking too neutral to me.  I'm looking again at the red glass tile (looks like candy) and the glass mosaic tile in a classic small size.

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