Sunday, April 3, 2011

Patio Furniture, of synthetic wicker

Yes, nothing is so dull as watching me shop. But I'm going cross-eyed trying to figure this out, so I'm putting my notes here.

Price range, top to bottom.

Niko 6-pc. Two corners, two armless, two ottomans.
Pros: can make conversational setting. Two armrests can hold drinks.
Cons: lots of pieces.
Confused: silver corner feet
1-2 week delivery

same price
Savannah 3-piece plus table
Pros: Corner and two 5" sides, '
Cons: table wants to be chinese but isn't. Glass top smaller than table surface
Confused: channel that the cushion tucks into. Are the cushions thin, or comfy? No visible feet
3-4 week delivery

$100 less
Encore 4-piece. Chaise long, armless, one-armed loveseat, table.
Pros: lots of positive reviews, including on thickness, comfy-ness, and stability of cushions

also $100 less
Euro Lounger Set. One SofaSleeper/DoubleLounge, two club chairs, two sidetables. Conversationally perfect.
Pros: Hey, we can sleep outside. (but we could do that on the trampoline too?)
Cons: Could be considered weird? Tufted cushions on the SofaSleeper.
1-2 week delivery

Also $100 less Panorama 4-pc One couch, one 1-armed, two sidetables
Pros: Good reviews. Could be couch + odd chair
Cons: Cushions are hard
2-3 weeks

$400 less (on sale)
Endura 6-piece: 2 corners, 2 one-arms, armless loveseet, large ottoman
Pros: Darker fabric. Makes nice long sofa plus loveseat plus ottoman.
Cons: lotsa pieces, corners won't work as armrests. Some sliding apart complaints in reviews, no clamps to hold pieces together, suggest using zipties.

$600 less Portofino sofa and table
Pros: Sofa, which is my #1 priority. Cushions look good.
Cons: coffee table hard to put together according to reviewer. No conversational seating, which is my #2 priority. Rather than legs, this has platform style.

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