Thursday, April 14, 2011

reading lamp hunt

LED, but 90 of them? too bright?  toggle on column. ~$190
square base is cool but I don't like the traditional shade.

Halogen, ~$300, not modern but functional classic.  

a little too show-biz, halogen,  switch near bulb, $100

LED, switch on column, diffuser is a big old dorky glass circle, ~$150 

"Gyro" bends in 3 places, LEDs, in-line pedal switch (on cord?!), too dental? ~$180

Halogen, high-quality German company, but 4x price
LED, switch on column, looks like shower head, ~$150

LEDs, 20 of them in square pattern,  toggle on column, ~$120

too long a light line?  LEDs, oval base
So, I need three reading lamps--two for our room, so we can read at night, and one for the piano.

I figure stand lamps would be best. And, if they all match, we can borrow the lamps from our room for other musicians when there's a concert at the house.

LED, switch at light, too-shiny chrome finish ~$150

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