Sunday, May 17, 2009

Aaron Eckhart with Martin Short

One of the many things there is to love about Aaron Eckhart is that he's so classy about the fact he's not Mormon anymore.

Martin Short, as Jiminy Glick: and you're a catholic boy
Aaron Eckhart: No, I was raised Mormon
Martin Short: Mormon! a-ha-ha, that's what is so wonderful about America. If you're Muslim, be Muslim. If you're a Buddhist, be Buddhist. If you're a Presbyterian, well hide that. ....Were you supporting Mitt?
Aaron Eckhart: I've been working [on location as an actor]... I'm really oblivious to the campaign, to all the races. I don't know who I'm supporting yet.

though all the ridiculous things Martin Short/Jiminy Glick then goes on to say, never once does Aaron Eckhart duck the mormon jokes by clarifying that he's not mormon.

Ah, sigh. So gallant. Excuse me while I go watch Conversations with Other Women again.

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