Thursday, May 7, 2009

Audiobooks: the key to getting housework done.

Cheaper than a cleaning service is a subscription to

I can personally, and enthusiastically, recommend these titles for your listening pleasure:

Very Valentine, narrated by Cassandra Campbell
Rococco, narrated by Steven Hoye
Lucia, Lucia, narrated by Cassandra Campbell

I love how Cassandra Campbell reads. I got The Beach House (by Jane Green) just to have her tell me more. Unfortunately, the Beach House was at points too dicey for when my kids were around. And I don't like to wear headphones all that much.

I tried Big Stone Gap read by the author. Love the author Adriana Trigiani, but did not want to hear her read to me. Go with Cassandra.

Steven Hoye's an entertaining reader too, and the material by Adriana Trigiani great fun. Unfortunately, I haven't found another book he narrates that I want to hear. I'm looking for light narrative that will keep me working.

I've got a load of laundry waiting to be folded, and nothing to listen to right now. I'm going to try _The School for Essential Ingredients_ because Cassandra Campbell is reading it.

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