Wednesday, May 20, 2009

PTA training

So I'm going to be PTA Treasurer.

Today I had treasurer training at the district offices. We met together first, all presidents and officers and treasurers. In this town, almost everyone, by which I mean almost all the women, have worked as lawyers or have MBAs or other such job. So as we checked in for our training, I was noticing the clothing, all very I'm-not-at-work, but take-me-seriously,

Somewhere in the introduction time, the chair asked for the former PTA presidents to share advice, what they wish someone told them when they started off. Quickly I noticed, that the women dressed as slackers--no makeup, zip sweatshirts instead of blazers, practical hairstyles--these were the PTA presidents.

I felt a whole lot better about where I fit in.

I rode my bike to the meeting. I hate parking at district offices. And any time I get to ride my bike is a win.

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