Sunday, February 28, 2010

I Don't Tell My Child What to Believe

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has me thinking about:
1. The fact I didn't care when my preschooler went through his sun worship phase.
2. My belief that all parents do pass on their top three values, and most of their top ten, whether or not they intended.  Their actual values, not their stated values.  And, a value can be passed on in reaction: e.g. the mom who makes punctuality such an issue that her children spend their entire adult lives insisting on the right to be late.
3. Glenn and I have always had different approaches to church.  And thank heaven, since I would have attended three times a week so I could go hiking; and would find a way to avoid all social interaction with people in the ward instead of loving them.  However I have wondered what happens to kids when their parents are cheerfully, openly different in faith.  Or, if they're cheerfully, privately/unstatedly different in faith.  To some extent I think children will receive some idea of what parents really believe, even when the parents state otherwise.

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