Sunday, February 28, 2010

Vegan Supper/Violin-electronica concert

Tonight was the long-planned concert/dinner date.  At the venue a five-course vegan dinner is served.  A concert is given before the last course (dessert).

Full house; 20.  Even mix of men and women.

Really fabulous food.  Music incredible, violinist extremely talented and skilled, use of computers, looping, gesture glove intelligent and not gimmick.  My amusical opinion seconded by my musical husband.

And of course, what I really care about.  What were they wearing.  The violinist was dressed for recital, conservative with enough bling for a soloist.  The food people were extremely casual, looking like t-shirt vegans.  The crowd was another San Francisco mix of dark neutrals, not dressy, but much more than casual.

I was overshot again.  Silk dress in ivory/green/gray, strappy sandals, pearl earrings.   However, we were seated in the corner, and since we were late we were out of the eddy of conversation.  DH got up and circulated before we left.

I think I keep overshooting in an effort to show respect for the music, especially since I don't get the music as much as I suspect it deserves.

The performer came over and talked to us, and I really enjoyed meeting her and talking to her.  But beyond the fact she was intelligent and fascinating, I may have already felt her an ally, since she and I were the only two in the room wearing anything shiny.  She had read about me on my husband's FB page, which was oddly flattering.

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