Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Deli Dinner

a selection of sandwiches from the deli
leftover chicken and potato for her that doesn't like sandwiches
drink milk, skip vegetables.
I had potato chips and plums out, but no one bothered with them.


  1. I am recommitting to making dinner. So sad that I even have to type that sentence. I made dinner plans for the rest of the month (except Saturdays). I went to the store and bought food for the week. I'm hoping I can be successful if I have a plan.

  2. A whole month of meals--I'd love to see what's on it. I loved your idea of putting the dinner you just ate on the calendar to give you dinner ideas in the future. That's why I started blogging our meals. It really opened my eyes to the fact that dinner every night is sometimes leftovers, sometimes store-bought, sometimes very simple--like pancakes or scrambled eggs or grilled cheese. And that's all normal. A normal week for me always has a meal or two that doesn't look like a classic family dinner.

    The plan is everything, even if, as in my case, it doesn't look like a plan. I was going to make sloppy Jos yesterday, but our friends from out of state dropped by, so I ran out and got a selection of deli sandwiches for our lunch, and used the leftovers for dinner. I still have the hamburger and buns for something later this week.

    My weekly produce box comes today, so what we'll eat is based on what I get. I might look at a squash and think "soup" or an eggplant and think "szechuan," but as long as I have the produce in the house, and some eggs or meat, I'm good to come up with a few dinners.

    I use the internet find ways to use the unfamiliar vegetables. It's much easier for me to look at kale and have to come up with dinner, than to think up meals out of my head.

    Taco soup, sigh. Not for us until the vegetarian moves out of the house...