Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Salad Nicoise and Cheeseburgers

Salad Nicoise (first time+)
Cheeseburgers/Boca Burger
Milk or Orangina

This was a hit.  The littles ate cheeseburgers, with a little salad as their vegetable.  It would be fun next time to make broiled buttery "french bread," and use some of it as buns for the burger eaters.

I made the Salad Nicoise from the Simply Recipes site, half a recipe.  This would count as more than a first time, since the last time I attempted Salad Nicoise, years ago, was a yucky never-again disaster.

It was good, here are my notes:
I did use canned tuna.
I did have a real lemon.
I substituted canned olives that we like.
I substituted dried oregano/thyme/basil, measuring 1/3rd as much as fresh.

I'm looking for more green bean recipes.  I've got two pounds of green beans still to go this week.

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