Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dinners served over 3 hours.

Though not much cooking.

The older kids all had places to be, so I went out to dinner with the youngest.  Chipotle, her favorite, which she doesn't get to often because a couple siblings hate it.  It was just shy of 5 PM, and I've been trying to get dinner served crazy earlier, between 4 and 5

After we got home, so did her brother.  So I made him a cheeseburger.  Around 6.

My husband offered to pick up the older one from her class.  I suggested they go out to dinner together, since three of us had already eaten.  Around 6:30.

Finally, I picked up the Pescatarian and gave her and her friend and their bikes a ride home.  She was hungry so I made her a Bertolli Shrimp Scampi & Linguini from frozen.  The Youngest said she was hungry again and ate the other half.  Then her brother saw it and wanted some too, so I made another package of it.  So, dinners again around 8.

I think a family dinner between 4:30 and 5, with some light snack between 7:30 and 8:30 can work very well.  I noticed that the littles ate about half their usual serving of pasta.

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