Wednesday, October 13, 2010

IceStone colors I might use

Alpine White and Ivory Cloud
These two only differ in the color of the concrete medium.  Ivory cloud is slightly darker.  My upper cabinets fall between the two colors.  afaic, I could use either one equally well.

White Pearl
Is very pretty.  I held it up to some irridescent backplash tiles that included some blue in the store and it blew me away with gorgeous.  The gold/tan in the flecks is pronounced.  Makes me wonder about all the silver tone trim on the cabinets, and the sinks.

Sky Pearl Image from
Sky Pearl
The blue glass chips in the surface are just enough color.  A surface I would enjoy working on.
Next to the same irridescent backsplash tile, it was diminished, less exciting.  Again, check for use with silvertones, but seems to be less problematic than White Pearl.

practically the same color as the tiles I have now.  Definitely a color I love, generally speaking.  Does still look dated paired with the brown.   I like Sky Pearl better in the kitchen.

Blue Sky.
Now finally a blue counter.  I like it with the brown (though I am thinking 2007/8?) but there's something a little medicinal about it, especially with my cream and brown laminate cabinets, as if Pepto Bismo came out with a blue version.  

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