Thursday, October 22, 2009

But Mom I Like the Blue

I've been trying to think outside on the box on my kitchen, which I mostly love. It's been hard to readjust to the news that we will remodel next year, when I thought that was off the table.

Since I mostly love my kitchen, and that's a hard standard to beat, I started thinking about refacing the doors. If I replace the formica on the door fronts, the kitchen could be any color I choose. Wouldn't some interesting shade of pale yellow or green be cool? I could have someone knock off the very good but traditional tile from the backsplash, put up one of these new glass tiles.

"I'm thinking about changing the color of the kitchen," I say to my son.

"What??! But I love the Blue!"

"I'm thinking, what would the kitchen be like if the cupboards were some shade of pale yellow?" I say later to my daughter.

"What, yuck Mom! I like the Blue!"

"Well, how about a green then?"

"Ugh, no, even worse! The Blue is really good!"

Okay, I guess we'll stick with blue for now.

1 comment:

  1. Hahahaha! That is SO funny! You'll have to paint at night while your kids are sleeping so they won't know..... :)