Monday, October 19, 2009

Leftovers Interregnum

I have lots of containers in the fridge:
Plain Pad Thai Noodles (noodles, sauce, and eggs), probably could feed four for breakfast.
Most of a huge taqueria burrito (I went out to lunch with Glenn, but I could only eat less than 25% of my burrito)
Cauliflower Soup (made it a week ago. Getting question marks there.)
Vegetarian Chili (enough to put on a hot dog or two)
Sliced overcooked Steak (I imagined would go on a sandwich)
grapes, red and green. No one wants to take them in lunch.
almost half a cooked butternut squash. I bought $6.00 pumpkin pie tonight instead of making it out of this.
fresh pineapple chunks
gypsy soup, one serving.
2/3 of a $6.00 Costco pumpkin pie.
2 cups leftover cream I whipped to go with that pie.
blue lake green beans want to be cooked. One more dinner's worth.
pesto, who bought that?

In the fruit bowl being ignored: apples and peaches. Peaches are not as good as expected. Need to make a couple cobblers here.

haven't started Week 2 because I have too much food in the house. Lots of cooked Pork Loin, all the Bok Choy I never used, and also partly-frozen chicken thighs from before Week 1 started. I'm going to cook the chicken tomorrow (40-clove chicken recipe) and sub that for the deli chicken in the Posole later in Week 2.

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