Thursday, October 15, 2009

Spicy Orange-Glazed Drumsticks

with Broccoli rather than Green Beans.

I don't know where people buy corn muffins. I made mine with Marie Calendar's mix. But that put me behind schedule for dinner.

I cooked the broccoli in well-salted boiling water, ten minutes I think. It was good. My daughter commented that broccoli usually has an aftertaste she doesn't like, but this broccoli didn't have that. Probably I usually don't cook the broccoli all the way.

The spicy orange glaze was good and easy. But the drumsticks were a little undercooked at 35 minutes (140), though I upped the oven temperature to 425. So it was mostly a corn muffin and broccoli meal. I also served vegetarian chili as a meatless option.

My son hasn't seen broccoli in a while and was completely freaked out by the smell and taste of it. I tried to get him to finish the last two bites quickly so we could get to cub scouts, which just meant they didn't stay down.

I threw the drumsticks back in a 325 oven while we rushed out to cub scouts. They got nicely cooked and a little blackened while we were gone over an hour. I'll use the meat in something else this weekend.

Believe it or not, I would try it again. Cook the drumsticks first, keep them warm somehow while the muffins bake.

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