Sunday, October 25, 2009

I land in Vienna

Because of our late leaving of London, we landed about 30 minutes late in Vienna. I got in the slowest customs line, but there seemed nothing to do about that but wait. I felt confused at several points about where to go before and after that. There were only three pieces of luggage on the belt by the time I got there. I waited for mine, braced my stomach muscles as I'd been taught, and pulled it off the track onto the floor.

Once out of baggage claim, such a sea of faces. I didn't see my friend and wondered if she'd given up and gone home. My phone was running out of charge, and I'd stupidly forgotten to write down the address she'd given. I'd need to download old email in order to get that info and get a taxi. But as I left the baggage area and turned past the people leaning on the rail, there was M. and her children. Waving, laughing, giving me a hug. And her husband had just gone in, with his diplomatic pass, to help me with my heavy bag. He came out after not too long, and took my bag. I was feeling fine but it was nice to be helped and not worry. We went out to their car and M. drove us home.

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