Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Chicken Posole

Still working on the leftovers, tonight I baked chicken thighs (not as many as I thought i had) in the 40-garlic-style in the early afternoon. Then I threw together the VERY quick posole from the Real Simple Menu. Saute an onion, add broth, cooked chicken, canned posole, canned tomato. Serve with limes. I put the chili powder on the table too, rather than cooking it in, for the little folks' sake.

Of course, I had a second pot, with VEGETARIAN both. When the onions were sauteed in the first pot, I scooped some into the Vegetarian pot. Vegetarian got some of the posole and tomatoes when I opened the cans. No chicken, of course.

Once again, I thought dinner was delicious. I squeezed lime liberally. Fresh tomatoes would have been an improvement.

Princess said she didn't want to eat any.
Boy said he hated tomatoes.
Girl tasted it, but otherwise ate bread and salad.
Vegetarian drank all her broth and went to bed.

I want to try this again sometime, with fresh tomatoes.

I think tomorrow I'm going to type up a menu of all the leftovers, and make them order dinner of that. Husband's got a dinner meeting, so whether or not he likes leftovers won't be an issue.

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