Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Kitchen Size

Once again, I'm wondering how much kitchen is appropriate for me.

I got caught up in the idea of double ovens, AFTER I saw them as part of a six-burner range.

Tonight I ended up doing dishes again (should be a kid job) and I've got pots and bowls that wouldn't fit in the dishwasher, half a load's worth, rinsed and waiting on the counter for their turn. Makes the idea of two dishwashers, or a dishwasher and a drawer, appealing. Especially if I give up my mess-hiding galley, I don't want to look at pots waiting to get in the dishwasher.

Husband wants a bigger-than current refrigerator. It does seem to be more than full all the time. I've got too many bottles of sauces in there in general. Right now, many containers of leftovers.

My mom suggests a second sink, a prep sink. Just sounds like another sink to wash to me.

Kitchen is currently 9x17 feet. One possible redesign layout is 11x20. Even on the big end, I don't think that's room to double all the appliances. Glenn definitely wants to start the remodel in 2010, but at this point it's all so theoretical, it's hard to get some practical planning done.

The kitchen would be open to a dining room/area. I don't want to have two eating areas, and I love a big table with nice space around it when we're eating, with room for friends.

How big is your kitchen?

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