Wednesday, October 14, 2009

not Beef and Bok Choy Stir Fry.

The vegetables this week on the Real Simple Dinner for a Month are:
Tuesday: Bok Choy with Flank Steak, stir fried
Wednesday: Green Beans with Drumsticks
Thursday: Brussel Sprouts with Pork

The grocery store didn't have Brussel sprouts, so I bought Broccoli.
The green beans weren't so exciting, but the Asparagus was on sale.
Flank Steak wasn't available, so I went upmarket with New York Strip.

So my plan goes:
Tonight: Asparagus and New York Strip, grilled
Tomorrow: Broccoli with Drumsticks
Weekend: Bok Choy with Pork

I bought the grill Labor Day weekend, and I'm pretty inexperienced. I wasn't able to get the temperature up to 500 degrees F, so I gave up and started at 450. Four minutes on each side, and the internal temperature was only 106 degrees. It took me forever to get the steak cooked. I thought it came out fine, but my husband said it was overcooked to medium, and tasted more like roast than steak. So that was disappointing.

I grilled the asparagus during the meat's five minute rest. That was fantastic.

We had butternut squash soup with it. And the rice leftover from Sunday. I have some leftover slices slices of steak for sandwiches.

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